Mission Statement

Rhino is a growing diversified natural resources company building a brighter future through partnership with its stakeholders. We are committed to safety  and environmental responsibility, while enhancing maximum long-term value.


To be a leading supplier of natural resources; ever improving through teamwork and innovation, always committed to excel in safety, productivity, environmental excellence and stakeholder value.

Core Values

Safety… Our number One Priority is our Commitment to the Safety of our People
Respect… For our Employees, our Community, and our Environment
Integrity… Doing the Right Things
Pride… Proud to be a Safe Producer of Natural Resources while Continuing to be a Good Neighbor in the Community
Communication… We achieve Success through Communication and Commitment to Teamwork
Growth… We are diversifying our Asset Base and achieving Success where others have not

Guiding Principles
“We say we can when others say they can’t”
  • Safety is our first priority in all decisions.
  • We accept responsibility for our own safety and that of our coworkers.
  • Continuous training is essential to foster safety awareness and safe work practices.
  • Key attributes of our leadership principles are honesty, integrity, and a bias toward action.
  • We value the environment and operate our jobs to the highest standards.
  • We empower employees to take initiative and do the right thing.
  • We will investigate and discover growth opportunities through ingenuity and diversification.
  • We encourage communications with all stakeholders and employees
  • Safety, teamwork, and communications, are essential elements in the attainments of production goals.
  • We keep employees informed of current events and future plans.