Rhino Resource Partners produces a full range of mid to high Btu and low to medium sulfur steam coal for electric utilities across the United States. We also produce metallurgical coal, a key ingredient used by steel producers worldwide. Our available coal qualities span a broad range, which allows us to create a mix that matches a wide variety of customer specifications.

Customers value our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. We are committed to keeping our employees well-trained and our safety record impeccable.

We have a geographically diverse asset base with coal reserves located in Central Appalachia, Northern Appalachia, the Illinois Basin and the Western Bituminous region. As of December 31, 2018, we controlled an estimated 268.5 million tons of proven and probable coal reserves and an estimated 164.1 million tons of non-reserve coal deposits. For the year ended December 31, 2018, we sold approximately 4.6 million tons of coal.

Rhino Resource Partners controls significant coal deposits in various coal basins in the U.S. Our principal business strategy is to safely, efficiently and profitably produce and sell both steam and metallurgical coal from our diverse asset base. In addition, we intend to potentially diversify our operations through strategic acquisitions, including the acquisition of long-term, cash generating natural resource assets. Our plan for executing this strategy includes the following key components:

  • Maintain safe coal mining operations and environmental stewardship.
  • Diversify our portfolio of natural resource assets.
  • Grow operating cash flow by optimizing our coal production.
  • Control the costs of our operations and optimize operational flexibility.
  • Reduce exposure to commodity price risk through committed sales.
  • Manage financial and legacy liabilities to maintain financial flexibility.