We are a diversified energy MLP and we are managed and operated by the Board of Directors and executive officers of our General Partner, Rhino GP LLC.  Since April 2003, we have completed numerous coal asset acquisitions with a total purchase price of approximately $356.5 million. Through these acquisitions and other coal lease transactions, we have significantly increased our proven and probable coal reserves and non-reserve coal deposits. We have also successfully grown our coal production through internal development projects and added a coal leasing business to our energy portfolio with the strategic acquisition of The Elk Horn Coal Company in 2011. Here is the team that has driven this track record of success.

David Zatezalo
David G. Zatezalo
Mr. Zatezalo joined Rhino Energy LLC in May 2004 and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rhino GP LLC since October 2013.  Mr. Zatezalo previously served as our President and Chief Executive Officer from September 2009 until he assumed the role as Chairman.  Prior to serving as our President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zatezalo served as Chief Operating Officer of Rhino Energy LLC and as President of our subsidiary Hopedale Mining LLC. Prior to joining Rhino Energy LLC, Mr. Zatezalo served as President of AEPís various Appalachian Mining Operations and as General Manager of Windsor Coal Company from 1998 to May 2004. He previously served as General Manager of the Cliff Collieries and Manager of Underground Development in the Bowen Basin of Queensland for BHP Australia Coal. Additionally, Mr. Zatezalo has served as Chairman of the Ohio Coal Association and is currently a member of the executive committee of the Kentucky Coal Association.
Christopher Walton
Christopher I. Walton

Mr. Walton joined Rhino Energy LLC in December of 2007.  He has been our President and Chief Executive Officer since October 2013.  Mr. Walton previously served as our Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from April 2012 until he assumed the role as President and Chief Executive Officer.  Prior to that Mr. Walton was the Vice President and General Manager of  the Sands Hill Mining Group for two years after being promoted from the Engineering/ Operations Manager.  Prior to joining Rhino Energy LLC, he was the Chief Engineer for Sands Hill Coal Company, Inc. for 18 years and was extensively involved in the operations of their coal, limestone and solid waste complexes.  Previous to this position, he was employed as a general manager, mine engineer, and mine foreman in various surface and underground coal mines. He holds a degree in mining engineering and is a registered professional engineer. Additionally, he earned his MBA in 2010. Currently he serves on the Ohio Reclamation Forfeiture Fund Advisory Board and the environmental committee of the Ohio Coal Association.

Richard Boone
Richard A. Boone
Mr. Boone has been employed as our Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since February 2005. Prior to joining Rhino Energy LLC, he served as Vice President and Corporate Controller of PinnOak Resources, LLC, a coal producer serving the steel making industry, since 2003. Prior to joining PinnOak Resources, LLC, he served as Vice President, Treasurer and Corporate Controller of Horizon Natural Resources Company, a producer of steam and metallurgical coal, since 1998.
R. Chad Hunt
R. Chad Hunt
Mr. Hunt joined Rhino Energy LLC in April 2005 and has served as Vice President of Technical Services since August 2008. Mr. Hunt has served in various capacities, including President of our Rhino Energy WV LLC, McClane Canyon Mining LLC, and Castle Valley Mining LLC subsidiaries. Mr. Hunt also oversees our business development and exploration projects and is a membership committee member of our Rhino Eastern joint venture. Prior to joining Rhino Energy LLC, he was employed by Sidney Coal Company a subsidiary of Massey Energy from 1997 to 2005. During his time at Sidney Coal Company as a Mining Engineer, he oversaw planning, engineering, and construction for various mining and preparation operations. Mr. Hunt is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Kentucky.
Brian Aug
Brian T. Aug
Mr. Aug is the Vice President of Sales for Rhino Energy LLC.  He has been employed with Rhino Energy LLC since April 2011 as Director of Sales and Marketing.  Prior to joining Rhino Energy LLC, he was Vice President of Marketing and Trading Analysis for Greenstar Global Energy, a US based corporation focused on the selling of US coals into India.  From 1994 until 2010 he worked for Duke Energy Ohio, a Midwest utility with coal and  natural gas power generation.  The last 10 years of his career at Duke Energy Ohio was spent as Director of Fuels which entailed the purchasing of coal for the power plants.  He worked with commercial and retail natural gas his first 7 years at Duke Energy Ohio.
Whitney Kegley
Whitney C. Kegley
Ms. Kegley joined Rhino Energy LLC in July of 2012 and has served as Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel since that time.  Prior to joining Rhino, Ms. Kegley had practiced law with Frost Brown Todd, McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, and Dinsmore & Shohl LLP.  The majority of her law practice has been in mergers and acquisitions, corporate practice within the energy and natural resources industry, real property transactions, and coal regulation.